Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Persian Facts

Persians are very high in shedding, but make up for it in their extreme love of people. They are generally laid back and get along well with other cats and dogs, and the temperment of the specific persian and the handling done while it was young will determine whether or not it is good with children. It is prone to sinus infections and ear mites. They require regular grooming, or their fur quickly becomes unmanageable.

Persian Description

In terms of playfulness, the Persian is a more low-energy cat who loves to nap. With respect to independence, it is less independent than most cats and loves to stay by your side. With a vocal level of only 2 out of 10, it is a quieter breed that doesn't meow often. With an activity level of only 1 out of 10, the Persian is a very relaxed breed that is happiest when napping. It lives for 15 years on average. When it comes to need for grooming, it is a high-maintenance cat that needs to be groomed often. It has a long coat length and sheds seasonally. The Persian costs about $222.98 to feed per year and $1,064.98 overall each year. It has fine fur. It can have silver fur, black fur and red fur. It can have brown fur and blue fur.

Why we can't recommend the Persian

I believe that the best way to make a decision is to look at the facts. In order to determine the ranking for the Persian, we took into account more than 1,400 facts about 45 cat breeds. When choosing a cat breed, the most important qualities are personality, health and longevity and grooming and maintenance. The Persian is better than only 12% of cat breeds when it comes to personality, is roughly average for health and longevity and scores poorly for grooming and maintenance.

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