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Persian Cat Breed

Persian Cat Breed

Highly prized cat with silky fur, calm and affectionate; there are many varieties differentiated by the color of the fur and the eyes.

Persian cats are the most popular breed of cats and it has many breeders all round the world.
These breeders are well known for their quality and work. But it is your choice to choose the best Persian cat breeder before going to feed any Persian kitten.

These Persian cat breeders are nowadays increasing in number as the number of registered Persian cat increases. At present there are 350,000 Persian registered cats. This Persian cat popularity increases mainly because of the cat exhibit.

Kitten care is the thing which every breeder will do and after getting your own kitten you also have to do the same and there are many videos and books which explain about this. The kitten care includes kitten training, kitten growth stages, kitten blog, kitten tube feeding, kitten glop, kitten development calendar, and kitten nursery all these things are trained in a good kitten care. Pictures of Persian cats are available in vast number and many develop their habit of feeding Persian kittens after looking at the pictures of cats.

Persian Cats are very beautiful and they come in many different colors. Their fur is almost 8 inches in length and thick. The Persian cat breed is a full bodied cat with good muscle tone. They are known to weigh around 9 - 12lbs as adults. The life expectancy of a Persian cat is around 15 to 16 yrs and some have been known to live to 18 yrs. It just depends on genetics, care and overall health.

The Persian cat does best with a diet that consists of raw meat, chicken and packaged cat food. They do require more supplements than some other breeds as they are more sensitive to food than most. Persians are more of a lazy breed so measuring their food is very important. Free feeding will definitely lead to cat obesity.

Persian cats make great companions for those who are looking for a low-energy breed. They will hang on the couch with you all day with no complaints. Persian cats are very gentle and sweet.

This cat’s sturdy body, massive head and flowing coat make it one of the most beautiful longhairs. They have large, rounded eyes that add to their sweet expression. They come in a wide variety of colors and coat patterns. Their long coat carries a full ruff with a short plumy tail. Their ears are tiny, rounded at the tips and tilted forward. They have broad noses and short, strong legs.

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Cat usually make your home beautiful but we will not given them Kitten crate training

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