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Siamese Cat Breed

Siamese Cat Breed

Slender cat originally from Thailand, playful and affectionate; it has a loud raucous meow.
The Siamese cat breed is very affectionate and vocal. They are somewhat of a demanding breed and don’t like to be alone. You should leave balls and toys out for them to play with so they don’t get bored. To keep them sane, they need play time with their humans so doing so at least once a day is very important. If they don’t have something to keep them occupied or busy, they may just go on and find something on their own which could be trouble.

Siamese cats have vibrant blue eyes and distinctive markings known as their “points” which are their ears, feet, tail and face. The points are a darker color than the rest of the body. They have very big ears and a long slender body build. When they are first born they do not have their permanent color yet but it develops as they grow. There are a few different color variations recognized in the Siamese cat breed which are lilac point, chocolate point, seal point, blue point, fawn point and tabby point.
Caring for your Siamese cat doesn’t require too much maintenance. They need to be bathed once a month if possible and brushed out a few times a month. Taking care of your cat the best you can will prolong their life. Siamese cats have been known to live up into the twenties.

Siamese cats are very loyal to their humans and make wonderful companions as long as you don’t mind the playfulness and a little back talk every once in a while.

These cats are long-bodied, long-legged, active cats whose dainty appearance belies their solid, muscular structure. Their wedge-shaped head with large, pointed upright ears and vivid blue almond-shaped eyes gives them an exotic look. They are the most vocal of all breeds and can climb and jump with great ease. The color points which consist of their mask, ears, legs, feet, and tail, should be clearly defined against their body color. The Siamese colors are seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac point.
Siamese cats are considered one of the oldest breeds of all our cats and the most popular of all pedigree cat breeds.

They are intelligent with an inquisitive personality and a loving nature. Siamese cats have sleek lines, striking colour contrast, finely chiselled aristocratic heads, deep blue almond eyes, and short silky coats.

Combine this beauty with intelligence, an inquisitive personality and a loving nature and you have the essence of the Siamese cat.

Siamese cats originated hundreds of years ago in Siam (now Thailand). They appeared in the West in the mid-to-late 1800s.These early cats were delicate and subject to health problems.

They had crossed eyes and kinked tails, thick, round heads and solid, muscular bodies that distinguish the traditional Siamese from today's show Siamese - characteristics now considered faults.

Traditional Siamese are purebred cats, descended from the original cats imported from Siam.

Today, there are two distinct varieties, one of which is the Traditional. Traditional Siamese cats are rare, though they seem to be making a comeback.
There are two known body types for the Siamese - most cat fancy associations recognize only the first.

Modern Siamese is the cat type most frequently observed in cat shows. It is easy to distinguish by its svelte elongated silhouette and its wedged head shape.

Traditional (Apple-Head) Siamese are larger than the Modern (Show) Siamese, with a rounder head shape and a less extreme look.
The Traditional is much closer to the Siamese cat as it originally was.

All Siamese cats share the colourpoint pattern, where the cooler body parts (feet, tail, and face) are of a darker colour than the rest of the body.

Kittens are born without the dark markings and develop them throughout the first weeks of their lives.

The different colours accepted by all cat fancy associations are seal (dark brown), chocolate, blue, and lilac (light grey with a pink tinge).

Some associations also recognize red and cream point as Siamese, as well as the various combinations of tabby (lynx) or tortoiseshell point patterns. Other associations class these varieties as Shorthair Colourpoints and refer to them as a different breed.

Characteristics and Temperament
Modern (Show) Siamese have affectionate inquisitive personalities, although the Modern is likely to be more independent than the Traditional. Modern Siamese cats are House cats.

Traditional Siamese cats make extremely good pets being affectionate, intelligent, and full of personality. The variety is very robust, and generally has very few health problems. Traditional Siamese cats are House cats.

Overall, Siamese cats are calm, affectionate cats, typically healthy and long-lived - 15-20 years is average, and over 20 is not uncommon.

Special Needs
Siamese cats need relatively little grooming. Their close-lying coat can be gently brushed just once a week to remove dead hair.

This breed has several distinctive genetic faults, all of which are cosmetic and require no medical treatment. These include crossed eyes and a kinked tail. These faults are becoming more rare with time as breeders try to breed them out.

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